When you hear the term “organic” you may think of food or materials, but probably not websites. However, that is the new idea behind creating a website that drives traffic. The idea itself is not new, but it is often new to business owners that may not be familiar with all of the terminology behind search engine optimization or SEO.

The Best Websites are Organic

Organic SEO is not some complicated new design or strategy that you need to implement. In fact, if you are getting traffic to your website, you probably already have an organic site. What this refers to is using natural methods to draw people to your website. What organic SEO is NOT:

• It’s not a paid ad for the search engines to send traffic
• It’s not using keyword stuffing or many of the other traditional methods to draw traffic
• It’s not using sneaky or unethical means to increase traffic, i.e. black hat SEO

Instead, the best websites bring traffic to them by having relevant, informative content on their sites. These websites regularly update their content either with a blog or adding new articles.

How to Make Your Website More Organic

In order for your website to rank well in the search engines, it must be seen as informative and relevant to what users are searching for. You must be recognized as an authority on the topic of your website.

For instance, if you sell jewelry, adding articles that provide information on how to care for jewelry or why metals have different prices would be considered relevant and informative. Once you add several of these articles, you will be seen as an authority on the subject of jewelry. This will make the search engines “recommend” you to people searching for that type of information, which in turn brings potential customers to your door.

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