Almost everyone has an account on Twitter these days, even if they aren’t as active with it as they should be.  This includes businesses as well that send out messages to customers and followers on a regular basis.  If you have never gotten into the craze or if you follow people just for fun, you may wonder what the fuss is about for businesses. 

 There are several ways for businesses to benefit from the Twitter platform, but two mainly deal with customers.  We’ll take a look at those two ways and the benefits of both.


 This is where companies send out messages directly to their customers as part of a marketing or public relations plan.  They will tweet about accomplishments and activities of the business and include links to carry followers back to their website or other promotional areas.

 Companies have to plan ahead before they begin this kind of campaign since there are dangers they may not be aware of.  Too many tweets that are self-promoting can actually ruin your image and end up costing you followers. 

 You also have to be careful when responding to comments, especially if any are negative.  If you ignore comments, it can make your company look impersonal.  However, you have to be careful of what you say when you respond.


 This method is where companies allow their employees to do the tweeting instead of them.  The employee may tweet about how great it is to work for a certain company or how much fun they are having at work.  Along with that, they may include other information that is unrelated to the company.  People that choose to follow the employee may form a positive view of the company behind them.

 As a company, you have to be careful of what is said since any negative information will look unfavorable on you.  If you will have employees tweeting on behalf of your business, you want to make sure it does not look calculated.  The tweets should be reflective of the person, but still focus on the customers you want to interest.  At the same time, it should represent your company in a positive light.

 Plan Ahead

 Before jumping into the world of Twitter, businesses need to know what their goal is and how they will achieve it through their tweets.  It can take some time to build a loyal following and regular tweeting is a must.  You can find companies such as Bella Writing Services that will help you create and manage your Twitter account as part of your marketing plan.Image